No ideas for the holidays, what to do?

Photo No ideas for the holidays, what to do?

Have you got any ideas on where and how to spend your next holiday? Some people usually spend their vacation in another village or country. Others choose to stay in their town.

This is known as staycation. Still, some other people go to their hometown to visit relatives. However, they usually do the same things during their holidays, which are sightseeing, swimming in the ocean if they opt for a beach vacation, or just watching TV.

In fact, people find their vacation boring and uninteresting, because they do the same things again and again. However, there are a lot of fascinating activities to do to spend your holidays. Here are a few suggestions about vacation activities whether you stay in your town or go to your travel destination.

Recreational activities you can do on your holidays

  •  Visit national parks and zoos in your home country
  •  Go hiking in the mountains
  •  Participate in group bike riding
  •  Go sailing in the ocean and visit a new destination
  •  Visit a theme park or an amusement park
  •  Go to a live concert

Here are some great ideas for a city vacation:

  •  Visit a museum or a monument
  •  Visit a library and read interesting books
  •  Shop for new clothes, shoes, handbags and other accessories
  •  Visit a handcraft marketplace and discover interesting items
  •  Visit a vintage shop and buy antiques
  •  Take a bus tour of the city and other neighboring cities
  •  Shop for DVDs and watch new movies
  •  Learn to play a musical instrument
  •  Take cooking classes like pastry or pizza
  •  Take sewing classes

You can also get away from your town and

  •  Visit a country village and discover the farmers' lifestyle
  • Visit another place or another country and taste the local specialities, try a new dish, and eat exotic fruits
  •  Visit a farm and learn about cattle breeding
  •  Learn how to make cheese and yogurt from farmers

Visit a foreign country and

  •  Attend a conference
  •  Shop for souvenirs or mementos which mark the country you visit
  •  Shop for designer clothes, handbags and accessories
  •  Shop for jewelry and beads
  •  Collect key rings and goodies
  • Take a thrilling roller-coaster ride
  •  Visit a theme park and a recreational park
  •  Visit an aquarium, art museum, cultural museum, or historical museum
  •  Visit historical sites and learn history

More information for vacation ideas

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