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    Production process

    Peach tree pruning technique
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    In three open center shape as an example.

    One, planting year
    Dry height of 50 ~ 60 cm (rainy area appropriate height). Choose three robust growth, growing balance, uniform range shoot make bough culture, main branch length to 30 cm when topping, on growth of more than branch branch, twisted branches, branches and other methods for controlling the growth, the remaining twig RenJiZiRan growth. Winter pruning, thinning all trunk on the germination of branches; in bough enrich the growth, the front full germ stub, and through Jiankou buds, choose to stay and adjust the main branch extending direction and opening angle; thinning bough back upright branches and growth potential is strong, competition for the main branch of Qiangwang branch, other branches retained.

    Second, planting two years
    Summer bough extend the head length to 40 ~ 50 cm when topping. The remaining branches best pinching; sparse to cut export germination of erect branches. Winter pruning of main branch extending continue to head in a short cut, and in the side branch, from the main 40cm selected at the left side branch first, the three main branches of the first branch to on the same side branches; second branches in when the bough germination strong flourishing secondary shoots selected position on the other side of the main branch. The angle of 60 degrees and collateral branches. Second branches and the first branch in 30 ~ 40 cm away from the bough. The culture results in the size of the main branch and branch group as collateral space.

    Third, planting three years
    When the summer pruning branch and lateral branch extended head length (according to reach the requirements of space topping). Thinning dense branches, leggy branches. The other branches cut slightly or pinching, so that the formation of flower bud. Cutting in winter, if the main growth, to extend the head light short section, or short cut increase. Processing method to extend the head and branch of lateral head extension similarity. With Third branches in the main branch, and the first branch on the same side. Pay attention to the cultivation and distribution of the fruiting branches.
    Colonization after three years, if at the same level backbone branches growing gap big, to the strong light and short cut or not short cut, thinning of the upper part of the student Wang Chi, appropriate to the more; the weak moderately short cut, elevation angle, less results. If branch bore bare. Results serious place shift, shift, on the main branch extended branch, the backbone of the limbs swing put, and appropriate thinning branches, the backbone of branches of anterior Wang branch and influence bore light branch, to promote canopy bore germination branches.

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