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    Production process

    Construction technology of fruit trees
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    Orchard selection

    Orchard soil, air and water to meet the requirements of green food production. Orchards surrounding no pollution source; convenient irrigation and drainage, convenient transportation; make full use of the hills, unreclaimed land and beaches, cultivated land planting fruit trees.

    Two, orchard planning
    1, the proportion of land. The fruit tree covers an area of more than 6%, the road and ditch covers an area of 85% ~ 8%; the shelter forest covers an area of 4% ~ 5%; the production room, the material placed covers an area of about 4%. Leisure and sightseeing orchard: equal emphasis on leisure, ornamental garden and production park.
    2, orchard area. Mountains to 30 ~ 20 acres, hills to 30 ~ 50 acres, 100 acres to 1 acres of land, the small long side: short side for 2 ~ 5:1.

    3, orchard road. The width of 6 to 8 meters, the branch width of 4 ~ 6 meters, 1 ~ 2 meters wide road.
    4, orchard irrigation. The ground drain length of more than 100 meters, down more than 0.3% to 0.5%. Mountainous Orchard per hectare to build 30 to 50 cubic meters of reservoir 1, can also be used near water, using water-saving irrigation method.
    Three, soil improvement

    Before the winter, of wasteland, Sandy and poor soil fertility and land, garden plowing 25 to 35 cm frozen FA; according to the planting row, dug deep and wide, deep for 60 to 80 cm in the planting hole (groove), according to 5 tons / acre around composted manure etc., or 2.5 tons / Mu commodity organic fertilizer and soil mixing backfill planting pit (groove). The orchard soil fertility better, the whole park 2 ~ 3 tons / mu of high-quality organic fertilizer treatment, the depth of 10 ~ 15 cm.
    Four, variety selection

    Good adaptability and good economic characters were selected, and the grafted seedlings were of good affinity to the ear.
    Five, planting technology

    Selection of high quality and robust seedlings. Before planting with 40% flusilazole seedlings of 3000 times liquid to soak for 30 minutes, before budding in spring or autumn leaves after planting; planting density according to the tree species, tree (rack), and mechanical requirements determined. Self - flower varieties, the need to configure the pollination tree.

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