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    Production process

    Dangshan pear harvest technology
    Time:2016-01-08 10:21:37                  Click:586

    Fruit harvest, not only to the fruit picked from the tree, it is a measure in the orchard management, not only affects the vigor and influence the fruit quality and storage performance.
    1, picking method
    To ensure the integrity of the fruit picking, and avoid broken branches. When picking a hand holding fruit, fruit Bingji counter to the index finger, gently to the side on the care, the separation from fruit at. Hard pull easily damage the fruit, but also easy to break the fruit stand, the impact of annual output. Such as 1 Taiwan duoguo, using a hand all the fruit, the other hand picked one by one. Pick the fruit gently into the basket and other containers, carpopodium outward, to avoid touching the surface of the fruit. Don't pack the fruits in the container, so as not to crush the fruits.

    2, stage harvest
    Fruits should be first harvested at the time of fruit picking. The external effect of ventilation and light condition was good, and the fruit in the mature stage was earlier than that of the crown. In addition, adult Dangshan pear branch opening angle is large, the first picking fruit periphery, can reduce the burden on the front of the main branch, to recover the vigor. The canopy top fruit vulnerable to pests, birds and wind damage, the more matured, the greater the risk of loss. Therefore, should be picked as early as possible.

    3, grading collection
    The fruit size, fruit shape and color are often different. The traditional method is to fruit harvest, after piling up in field or select Guochang, manual sorting, easy to cause the mechanical injury to the fruit. Therefore, picking fruit, the best according to the grading index, try to have the same size and fruit similar shape, basically the same color of fruit batch pick, not only reduced the classification link, improve the work efficiency, but also can reduce the mechanical injury to the fruit.

    4, cut fruit handle
    In order to prevent the fruit handle from colliding with each other and damaging the fruit, the fruit is collected and then cut to the fruit stalk. If the sale has the requirement of retaining the fruit handle, when the fruit is stored, should try to avoid the fruit handle to the fruit injury.

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