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    Kin Fung Group is a collection of fruit production, purchase and sale, supermarket distribution, canned fruit and vegetable processing business in one of the agricultural and sideline products business, the group was established in 2006, with a total investment of 520 million yuan RMB.

    Kin Fung Food Co., Ltd. existing more than 200 acres of production and processing sites, 4000 tons of low temperature cold storage library, daily processing 3000 tons of sewage treatment station, more than 6800 square meters, staff activity place, 500 square meters of examination and test of products R & D center, built more than 20000 acres of high-quality yellow peach, Dangshan pear cultivation base, drive farmer amounted to more than 12000 households, implement unified technical guidance, unified management, unified sales unity of the three modes, and fully guarantee the supply of goods in our company and product quality. Products from the cleaning, sorting, canning, sealing, sterilization, storage and packing, are in strict accordance with the standards of food production executive, adhering to the "picking fresh, production is health" concept, the conscience to do a good product, truly pure natural pollution-free green and healthy.

    The company make full use of resources, to fruit production, sales, transportation, storage, distribution and processing of fruits and vegetables in supermarket, take the lead in realizing agricultural super docking, has established long-term cooperative relationship with Taiwan Darunfa, France Carrefour, American WAL-MART, South Korea Lotte Mart and other more than 100 international large supermarket chain, annual sales of 60 thousand tons of fresh fruit, and the introduction of international advanced candied fruit, canned food, frozen products processing production line six, annual production of 10000 tons of canned fruit, candied fruit, 20000 tons, 10000 tons of frozen products, the annual digest raw fruits and vegetables 52 thousand tons, providing 2800 jobs, the annual income will reach 650 million yuan, exports more than 4500 yuan, total profit 39 million 300 thousand yuan.

    The company in 2007 was named Suzhou municipal agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, continue to develop steadily, and Anhui province was named the provincial agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, and has won the "first Chinese - pear fair selection third-prize", "top ten sales of agricultural and sideline products distribution enterprises", "third China Dangshan pear Fair booth good appraisal of the two prize", "fruit production and sales of advanced individual honor", "Dangshan county financial credit enterprise honor" and other honors, is the Agricultural Development Bank branch in Anhui province Chinese awarded "AA+" credit enterprise, "Dang yuan" brand pear in the provinces and was awarded the "Suzhou agricultural exhibition competitions famous agricultural products honor" and "Chinese famous silver pear". And has passed ISO9001, HACCP, BRC, ifs and kosher certification, and the establishment of the international standardization of planting system, purchase system, packaging system, cold chain system, food safety system, to ensure that the quality of fresh fruit and fruit processing products quickly sent to all over the world.

    Company since its inception, at all times to ensure that supply of fresh, first-class service consciousness enhancement, create a good corporate reputation, always adhere to "quality first, good faith" for the purpose, to the market - oriented, rely on quality to survive, to "mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit, customer first" principle, to high-quality products, excellent service to meet the needs of customers from all walks of life.